BuildSmart NY

Governor Cuomo has set an ambitious, yet achievable, goal of accelerating energy efficiency in state buildings 20% by 2020. BuildSmart NY is a state initiative that aims to accomplish this goal in a strategic, coordinated, cost-effective, and data-driven manner.

Through the use of advanced data analytics, BuildSmart NY will benchmark State facilities to prioritize resources and identify best practices. Comprehensive energy analysis will identify equipment and process upgrades in the largest and most inefficient buildings, accelerating efforts to improve the efficiency of State building portfolio. BuildSmart NY will also promote best practices for building operations and maintenance to ensure efficiency improvements are sustained. The BuildSmart NY team will be located at the New York Power Authority.

In addition to our immediate goal of reducing energy waste, costs, and greenhouse gas emissions, we have a longer term objective of catalyzing investment in energy efficiency by demonstrating the economic, social, and environmental benefits of building energy efficiency. To help achieve these goals we have developed the BuildSmart NY website.


  • Reduce the state’s average source energy use intensity (EUI) by 20% by the year 2020
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce annual state energy expenditures through energy efficiency
  • Create good, in-state jobs
  • Demonstrate the value proposition of energy efficiency
  • Serve as a model for the public and private sectors

About the BuildSmart NY Website

With this site we are pioneering the use of big data and social networking technologies to increase transparency, accelerate projects, and drive innovation in buildings throughout New York State. The website will include progress reports, case studies, energy savings, project costs, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and other information. This level of transparency will enable greater accountability on government spending and performance, more information sharing among agencies and energy efficiency implementers, and a larger pool of information from which stakeholders can learn and build.

This site will serve as the one-stop-shop for information on building energy efficiency projects connected to New York State. It will not only host information on state buildings, but it will also include details on buildings and projects that receive support from the New York Power Authority or the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

We believe that by sharing information we will encourage local governments, private sector companies, and non-profit institutions to follow New York’s lead and to make an investment in buildings that will benefit institutional bottom lines, the economy, and the environment.

Quick Facts

  • Buildings consume approximately 60% of the total energy used within New York State and emit approximately 50% of the greenhouse gases released in the State.
  • State-owned buildings consume approximately 3,000 GWh annually, which is approximately 5% of the energy consumed by all buildings throughout the state.
  • New York State owns over 200 million square feet of real estate, which includes universities, prisons, hospitals, office buildings, and transportation facilities.
  • Six state entities represent 92% of the State’s energy consumption – State University of New York, Department of Corrections and Community Suprvision, the City University of New York, Office of General Services, Office of Mental Health, and Metropolitan Transportation Authority.